New Members
To view the different categories of membership available, please click on the following link  This link is for New Members to the Club and not for existing members.

Please ensure you Register the Parent/Guardian in their own names first.  When completing your profile please ensure you complete the address fields fully as should we need to contact you by post, just a postcode is not sufficient.

If your child has any medical conditions, please ensure you notify the Coaches so they can enter it onto your child's records.

British Tennis Membership
When you have joined as a member of Radyr Lawn Tennis Club, please subscribe to British Tennis Membership.  As a member of Radyr LTC (affiliated to the LTA) you will receive British Tennis membership FREE.  This membership offers number of benefits:

  • Win tickets to Wimbledon in the Club ballot  (you also need to Opt-In once a year)
  • Buy cheap tickets to tennis events
  • LTA Rating
  • To play in the teams/tournaments  (Junior and Senior)
  • For further info see 

Document with instructions for giving GDPR Consent

Existing Members

If you want to view your profile on ClubSpark please click on the following link   

If you want to change your login email address - Login to your account with your existing email address, go to the black bar towards the top of the screen and click on your name (not on ‘Edit Profile’), then select ‘My Account’ and change the email address at that screen, that will change your login email address.

To renew your membership please follow the link in the email you received from ClubSpark.  If the link has expired please email me for a new one.  Please don't use the link shown for new members as this will join you as a new Member and will not pick up your existing profile.  If you have forgotten your login email please contact the Membership Secretary.

Please complete all the fields even where it says (Optional).   Should we need to contact you in writing we require your postal address.

You are now responsible for the validity of your own information, so please make sure you keep it up to date.  The email address you provide will be used to send out Radyr Newsletters.

If you have any queries then please contact the Membership Secretary by email at or Mobile 07816 908603.