1 Apr 17
Existing and
New Members
Joining between
1 Apr 17 -
31 Aug 17
New Members
Joining between
1 Sept 17 -
31 Dec 17
New Members
Joining betweem
1 Jan 18 -
31 Mar
Senior £205 £225 £112.50 £56.25
Senior U24 £100 £110 £55 £27.50
Junior £75 £85 £42.50 £21.25
Junior Mini £25 £25 £12.50 £6.25
Family £520 £560 £280 £140
Social Non-Playing £25 £25 £12.50 £6.25
Parent Member
to include Social  *
£25 £25 £12.50 £6.25
3-Month  ** £60 £60 £60 £60

New Category - Parent Member
Parent/Guardian of Junior 11 and under member (10 or under on 1 September of previous year)

Entitlements – Play with own child 11 and under Junior Member Monday – Friday until 6.00pm and weekends when courts available.   Access to Club facilities and social functions.

** 3-Month membership can start at any time

Shoe Tags
I will be at the Club at the following times for the collection of shoe tags.  Correct tennis footwear and Shoe Tags must be worn at all times at the Club.

Further dates to be confirmed

Outside of these times if I am at the Club please ask as I usually have Shoe Tags with me.  However if I am playing a game, out of respect to the others on court with me, could I ask you not to request shoe tags.


  • The Season runs from 1 April each year
  • Membership fees are not refundable
  • All Junior-Mini Members playing outside of organised activities must be accompanied by an adult
  • Shoe tags must be worn at all times
  • Please remember that only appropriate tennis clothing especially tennis footwear must be worn, and no cross trainers that will mark the courts.
  • Please sign up to British Tennis if not already a member go to http://www.lta.org.uk/britishtennismembership  It is free to Club Members.  When you have your BTM number please enter it onto your profile in ClubSpark.

Further Documents and Information

Monday Evening up to 8pm - Juniors have priority
Tuesday Evening - Ladies have priority
Thursday Evening - Men have priority

Please also refer to our governance documents under About Us/Governance.

Playing Regulations -  CLICK HERE
Club Etiquette - CLICK HERE
Welcome Pack - CLICK HERE
Footwear & Clothing Guidelines - CLICK HERE

Once you have paid your annual subscription, there is no charge to use the courts other than if you use floodlights, and as we have lots of courts we don’t need to use a booking system – just turn up and feel free to mix in with other players.

Floodlights - If you need to use the floodlights then there is a £4 per court per hour charge, which can be handed to a committee member (includes Drew our Coach) for collection at the earliest convenience.

Guests - Guests of members may visit the Club a maximum of 3 times in any one tennis year.  The charge is £5 for Adults and £3 for Juniors.  Please place in an envelope showing Member's name and Guest's Name.  This can be handed to a Committee Member (includes Drew our Coach).  Please refer to our General Rules page under About Us.